Foundations EP

by West View

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Foundations was written and recorded in a span of 4 months. It was tracked, mixed, and mastered in our own studio.


released May 8, 2015



all rights reserved


West View Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Progressive Metal project from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Unrest
The world that you created
Is closing in around you
The shadows dance upon the walls
Soon to be your grave

Only you can hear yourself
But it’s still just a whisper
A subtle illusion
Sending the doubts to your head

I’m losing the fight
I never started
And i can’t convince myself
To show you where my heart is

This is the never ending misfortune
I’m broken and I’m standing
On the edge of the earth
The anchors
Have fallen
My heart is bound to give in
But I haven’t lost faith
I haven’t lost faith

Have you ever been afraid to fall asleep?

I’m losing the fight
I never started
And i can’t convince myself
To show you where my heart is

Guide me away from this departure
Take me far from here
Before I drift away
Track Name: OC-80
Show me a better place
Where I can lay my head
Because I’m not sure
Where I’m being led

Reaching somewhere in the darkness
I feel myself becoming weak
And I know I’ve hated
Letting myself get the best of me

Cast me away into the ocean
My mind is faint and I
Feel the current take me
Far from this empty life

Because I’ve been on the edge
Of an existence I never asked to live

The thing I hate the most
Is the fact that I’m still breathing

Why am I still here?

This hate
It beckons me
My soul is leaving
To create another vacancy

Hollowed eyes
Send me to my demise
I’ll never feel a fucking thing again

There’s no solitude for me
No serenity in the skies
I’ve lost count of all the times
I’ve begged God to take my life

Why won't you take my life?

I am nothing anymore
Feel the dark sinking deeper
Track Name: The Sky Is Upon Us
My callous thoughts
Derive from the trials in place
Set forth by those that seek to help
But leave our homes in ruins

Everyone around me
Is suffocating and lifeless
Embraced in fear
To become the mindless

There is no mercy here
No one to stand up for you
Just live to make a name for yourself
And turn this place around

Can’t you tell they condemn the aberrance within me
You don’t have to conceal your divergency
God damn our “so-called” authority

The sky is upon us

We are harbingers
Of this resilience
Stand tall, let no one tear you down
So maintain fortitude
Inhale and exhale
Breathe until your lungs collapse

Corrupt the minds of the mainstream

Close-minded degenerates
Search for the top from where they’re standing
A never ending contention
Track Name: Purgatory
Everything passes me by
I'm Screaming
But they can't hear my cries
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I've been lost for all these years
My soul is sinking and
I've become my greatest fear

And each day feels the same
My hopes soar far below
The sky that calls my name
I've become the wayward traveller
Slowly drifting between Hell and Earth

The emptiness I feel
Carries more weight than you can imagine
Though I walk with a heavy heart
My footsteps don't sink in
My regrets consume me
Leaving only the shell of
Who I used to be
It's finally time to part ways with our ghosts
They can lead us to places
We don't want to go

You've held me in contempt for far too long
Track Name: Event Horizon
Let their foundations burn
Their tribute to their self-admiration
Let their foundations burn
Replace the stone with our weathered bones

Before they destroy this earth
Over senseless desires
We must open up our eyes to the chaos

Fall from your towers
Your fate will be the same as ours
Come to your senses
Lets breathe life into this world again

Holding onto everything I’ve ever gained
These constraints will never enslave me

Restore, Restore our aspirations
Lost hope is never gone
Just look inside of each of us

A fucking wasteland is all we’ll see
Choking on dust and ashes of our society
Break apart from the ranks
Don’t be led into the darkness
End the sickness that infects the heartless

Let them burn
Hold us back,
Then you’ll dig your grave